Margaret F.

My husband, Frank, had a stroke and we were referred to Debra by Frank's neurologist. Before seeing Debra, Frank could barely speak. He was so frustrated! After our initial evaluation Debra created a therapy plan for my husband and because of our hard work and Debra's professional expertise and guidance, Frank has steadily made progress and is speaking fluently and has returned to work. We recommend LNSLC for anyone needing speech therapy or related services.


I really like coming to see Debra Ware because she has helped me say my "r"'s! Before I came to Debra I couldn't say my name but now I can! I'm always excited to see Debra because we play fun games to help me with my speech.

Client & 5th Grader
Gina K.

Debra Ware has been working with my 4 1/2 year old son, Alex, for about 6 months. He has gone from being barely intelligible to being able to hold a conversation.
Debra always gives him material to work on all speech and language abilities , not just speaking problems , but comprehension and vocabulary skills as well. Through therapy, Debra has discovered additional needs and has helped to correct those problem areas. Debra's expectations are high, and therefore, Alex has responded greatly to her and has grown tremendously.
Debra is patient and loving, yet precise and thorough. Our son looks forward to seeing Debra each week. We are impressed that she sends homework home with Alex to further develop his skills. We are very grateful to have found her. She has an amazing talent and skill for working with children, and she is very professional

J. Brown

After nearly a decade and two neurosurgeries, my confidence in my speech went way down. I used to limit myself from talking to people to avoid my most fearful moment of them asking "what?" I started to see Debra Ware for my speech problem in September 2011, and everyone, including myself, noticed a big improvement from the beginning and my speech keeps getting better! We have worked solely on trouble areas of my pronunciation of words that are difficult for me. Now I don't have to fear anyone asking me "what" anymore because they are few and far between. I find myself wondering why I didn't start speech therapy years ago. My confidence has skyrocketed! I have Debra Ware to thank in a large part for my significant improvement. Thank you!

Cathy N.

My daughter has become so confident with her reading and speaking. She now loves to read and has become a real "chatter-box," thanks to Debra's expertise and patience. She enjoys seeing Mrs. Ware every week and doesn't mind practicing at home.

Dorianne G.

We went to several speech therapists before we found Debra. When we started working with Debra our son was hard to understand and he couldn't follow directions. Debra worked with his speech, language and auditory processing deficits. She dedicated herself to his twice weekly sessions with her up-to-date methods of treatment and fun approach to therapy. Our sons' progress has been fantastic and we look forward to seeing Debra for "tune ups" now and then.

Maureen B.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Debra Ware while she has worked with my two children in further developing their speech and language skills. Through their positive learning experiences with Debra, both children have made huge strides in their language development, which has helped them to become better readers and more confident students. Debra is the consummate professional and has an outstanding reputation in the community. She is very approachable and has excellent communication with parents. I have highly recommended her to other parents, who have also had positive experiences with Debra.

Marilyn L.

My 4 year old son has been seeing Debra for about six months for a stuttering problem. He is doing so well, and he really looks forward to coming to speech therapy with Mrs. Ware. I didn't think that my son could believe that speech therapy could be so much fun!